support buddy

So this whole healthy lifestyle thing can actually be pretty hard. That's why it's important to have people around you who want you to succeed and who love, support and understand you. The other day, I sent one of my lady-friends this text message after we'd been discussing how, in times of complete abandon from our normal thinking processes, we've both at some point eaten about a week's worth of calories in one sitting.

support buddy

My lovely lady-friend is someone I trust with the world, and we're on the same page in terms of wanting to eat healthily and maintain our exercise routines. We both know what it's like to fall off the wagon and we support each other (rather than compete against each other and smile through gritted teeth - perhaps a whole other post on that another time).

Your support buddy doesn't necessarily only need to be for moments when you really want a choc-top at the movies. Maybe you feel stress easily and you need someone you can text to say "hey, I'm freakin' out man. So much to do!!!", to which your understanding buddy can respond "it's okay, just take 10 deep breaths, close your eyes, write down a to-do list and kick some productive ass".

If you and your buddy both do early morning workouts, maybe you can offer each other support by texting each other on your workout days with "GET UP, YOU LAZY BUM!", or if you're nicer to each other than I seemingly am with my friends, "Hey, rise and shine! It's hard to get outta bed I know, but you'll feel way better for it after (and you know that)".

My point is, there's no reason to feel like you're alone in what you're trying to achieve be it with your fitness, diet, mindset, career etc etc. Moreso, there's absolutely no reason to be embarrassed about asking for support. If someone truly wants to see you thrive, they'll be flattered that you've reached out to them, not judgemental.

The handy dandy tip here is to be proactive about making it easier to achieve what you want to achieve. You won't get what you never ask for ;)