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Gemma Clark is a clinical nutritionist practising in Perth, Western Australia and online, and health commentator for media. I have a special interest in adolescent health and wellness. Why teens and tweens?

Our teens and tweens are tomorrow's leaders, innovators and game changers. It's amazing to be able to plant seeds that resonate with them. In a world where it's so easy for teenagers to be vulnerable, uncertain and unsure of themselves, it's such a privilege to empower them to be confident in their own skin and take charge of their own identities, health and lifestyles. For every teen we help to love, nourish and respect themselves and each other, we're gradually shaping the future, and that's frickin' awesome.

Put simply, I die a little bit on the inside when I see young people taking the often dangerous and damaging advice and recommendations of celebrities, models and social media influencers. I strive to create a safe space to provide science-backed holistic health and lifestyle care that you simply can’t get from anyone but an experienced professional.

Whether you're a teenager or approaching menopause, you shouldn't be dictated by out of control hormones, stress or fatigue. Your nutrition and lifestyle play a massive role in your health and how you look and feel day to day. I am a university-qualified clinical nutritionist who puts the power back into your hands to help you nourish your best self with strategies backed by science.

With my signature "real talk" style, I demystify nutrition as it relates to you as a unique individual and make achieving your optimal health simple.

The Sprout Nutrition & Wellness is built on the idea that any seed we plant has the potential to grow into something pretty amazing. You don’t have to overhaul your lifestyle all at once in order to better yourself. Let me guide you through gradual lifestyle changes to set you up to thrive long-term.

I am registered with the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

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