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Gemma Clark practices evidence-based clinical nutrition at Maylands Wellness Centre. She is currently also taking bookings for consultations conducted online via Skype, Zoom, phone or FaceTime. Gemma is based in Perth, Western Australia (GMT +8hrs) and welcome interstate and international clients.

In addition to consultations, Gemma offers diet analysis and other digital products available at the click of a mouse. Simply click here to see what's on offer.

Specialising in adolescent HEALTH AND WELLNESS & PCOS

Initial appointment
(60 mins)

A comprehensive consultation where we will discuss your concern(s), diet, lifestyle and physical and emotional health. Every consultation is tailored according to each individual, with in-depth nutrition analysis, questionnaires, physical diagnostic tools and pathology review. You will end up with a set of goals, a treatment plan and a practitioner-only supplementation prescription if required (with a direct link to purchase your prescription securely online to be delivered to your door if your appointment is not face-to-face). For teens and tweens, I recommend most of the consultation being attended by a parent/guardian but have found the best results when I can talk to your child privately for a portion of the appointment. Typically we’ll start all together, chat privately for a short time, then bring you back in to talk about goals and treatment.

Follow-up appointment
(30-40 mins)

You're a unique individual, and most clients will see most benefit from having at least two consultations. Gemma will discuss your long-term plan with you to give you an idea of how often she will need to review your health progress and supplementation program. These appointments are similar to your initial consultation, but with a little more focus on the goals we set together at the first appointment.

Seedlings School Program

Children and teenagers are amazing seedlings on their journeys to becoming the most awesome version of themselves. Especially in today's globally-connected world, our kids are impressionable and exposed to confusing, extreme and sometimes dangerous and/or unqualified advice when it comes to what they should or shouldn't be putting into their bodies. As an experienced presenter and a clinical nutritionist, Gemma is available for a variety of school programs that can be tailored according to what your school group requires. Services can include seminars, Q&A sessions, speaking and information evenings with parents and/or students. Gemma regularly works with the girls and team at Standing Strong.

What clients are saying

“Gemma has spoken to our year 12’s for the last few years about how to get the best from their final year at school, based upon diet, healthy options, rest and maintaining a positive outlook. She is personable, confident and knowledgeable in the subject area.

In a year where stress for students can impact on their studies and outlook on life, Gemma is a positive role model that students of this age can easily relate to. I was particularly impressed with the research that she had done prior to her presentation, giving he the necessary content to relate specifically to our students.

 Students commented that Gemma gave them some useful strategies and tips that would help them cope with the demands of the year ahead. We will be working with Gemma again in the future.”

- David Sheehan, Head of Year 12, Iona Presentation College

Corporate Health

A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. Having spent many years working in various corporate environments, Gemma understands the importance of good health in the workplace. As an experienced presenter and a clinical nutritionist, Gemma is available for a variety of corporate health programs. Services can include seminars, supermarket tours, body composition analyses and 1-on-1 consultations.

What clients are saying

“Gemma Clark provided a workshop for our local community called Sweet Treat Swaps.  This was a practical session that showed how to make simple healthy dessert swaps to improve diet and overall wellbeing.  Gemma was professional to deal with and was able to engage the group by providing an interactive session that was easy to understand and follow.  The session was well received by participants and we received the following feedback:

“Presenter was excellent, got some great ideas and great to taste the end products”

“Facilitator was great”

“Especially liked the demonstrator offering low cost options/substitutes for recipes”

“Good knowledge presenter, yummy food”

“Well presented, would like to see Gemma come again”

I would highly recommend Gemma and we would certainly invite her to present at future events.”

- Clare Kenward, Leisure Development Officer, City of Gosnells