Hello you gorgeous bride [or groom] to be!

This is me, Gemma Clark, with my cute as **** doggo, Kasper (who loves carrots but hates photo shoots). You've hopefully stumbled onto this page because you heard me on an episode of the Bridechilla Podcast. I'm a clinical nutritionist who loves helping people of all ages and genders feel kickass about themselves. If you're not sure what a clinical nutritionist does, check out this page. I practice in the flesh in Perth, Western Australia, and online with people all over the world. 

On the left, I've got some handy resources you can download for free that might help you manage some stress. There's also a guide for health grocery shopping that you can score for 50% off, too, with the codeword 'bridechilla'. If you'd like to work with me, I'm offering Bridechillas their first consultation at 50% off (SAY WHAAAAT?!). That's a AU$75 saving! 

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, let alone the PRESSURE to look a certain way (because OMG you're going to have your photo taken so make sure you look completely different to how you've looked for your entire life so far). Look, I get it. We all want to feel like we look bangin' on our wedding day and chances are you've had unsolicited weight and aesthetic advice from your mother, your sister-in-law, the girl who makes your coffee and that Facebook friend you literally haven't spoken to since high school. You may have even dived into the depths of Google hoping to find the answer. That's where I step in, to give you information specific FOR YOU ONLY. Plus, I'll help you re-shape your goals so you don't feel shit for having a good time with your friends on the weekend. 

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