Favourites for Now: Going into spring!

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October is a wonderful time in my hometown of Perth. It's usually a lucky dip each day as to what the weather will be like, but I love October because it's when we start getting the first taste of glorious, cloudless days hitting the "not too hot, not too cold" section of the thermometer. My favourites are a mixed bag at the moment with a lot going on in work/study/play, so I think there's something for everyone in this post!


Lush solid products

I've been a big fan of Lush for a long time and a regular user of many of their liquid products (like Daddy-O purple shampoo, Retread conditioner and The Olive Branch shower gel [which the sales assistant who first sold it to me described as smelling like "a hug from Hugh Jackman"!]) with a long wish-list of products I want to try. I should not that I'm allergic to soap...so Lush sells a rare breed of scented products that don't dry or upset my skin.

I've been slowly accumulating things to take travelling with me to South America. Not only do I want to save pack space, I also want to be kind to the environment that I'll be a visitor to and still retain a sense of femininity while backpacking by smelling nice and having some "luxury" during my likely cold and infrequent showers haha. I'd used Lush's solid shampoo before with great results and was keen to pick up some more solid products for my travels because they don't spill (!!) and they travel really well in tins that Lush also sells, plus they tend to last a little longer than their liquid counterparts. Now, I know I could also re-stock my shampoo and whatnot on the road, but at least I can have a little bit of home and things I know work for me by taking a stash of Lush ;)

I checked out Lush online for product reviews and went in-store with a shopping list. I was after shampoo, conditioner, perfume, deodorant and a scrub and came out with:

Coconut Oil

Carrying on with the travel theme, I ordered a 400mL tub of my favourite coconut oil from iHerb.com to take away with me. I use coconut oil to cook with frequently (for frying/in homemade chocolates/melted in coffee/in desserts...etc!) but I also use it every night to moisturise my hands before bed. So I thought I'd get a tub to take with me as my body moisturiser and then I saw this infographic which gave me heaps more uses for coconut oil! It'll be my shaving balm, hair serum, body moisturiser (it even offers some sun protection) and I'll probably use it along with my normal facial cleanser in a 50:50 ratio to extend the life of my cleanser. I can also keep some handy if I want to add some extra immunity-boosting fat to my breaky - coconut oil is also great for upset tums.


I don't normally reach for pepitas (pumpkin seeds) but a few weeks ago I tried toasting some to see if I'd like the flavour more, and whaddya know - yum! Pepitas are high in zinc (good for boosting immunity, brain focus and studies are showing it may protect the prostate against disease), vitamin B (good for stress) and healthy unsaturated fats to keep you satisfied. That's just the beginning! I've been toasting a handful in a hot pan very quickly then tossing them in pink sea salt and cinnamon for a crunchy craving buster.

Cabbage and cute things

I tend to eat things that people turn their noses up at, but I wanted to pop cabbage on my list because it's been an awesome study snack haha. I'm a grazer and so I roughly shred up some plain ol' green cabbage and nibble on it during my study sessions. It's surprisingly sweet and great if you just want to feel like you're eating something without actually grazing on piles of chips/other such calorie-dense snacks.

In other news, check out THIS for a huge dose of "aww" and "squeee"!

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