Recipe: Banancakes


I wrote this recipe originally for an awesome wellness blog, Wellness WA . It's a goodie when you haven't got many ingredients on hand but have a serious hankering for something sweet! I love pancakes on lazy Sunday mornings, but unfortunately they’re a “sometimes food”. I can’t even describe how thrilled I was to stumble across a “pancake” recipe with two ingredients – banana and eggs – and then to discover it tasted like banana bread…!!!!

After my first shot at making these banana-y pancakey gems, I christened them “Banancakes”. If you’re sceptical, I urge you to try these out because they are the best thing since sliced [banana] bread.


  • One medium banana
  • Two whole, organic, free-range eggs


  • In a blender, whiz up the eggs until they’re frothy. Slice up the banana and throw it into the blender (with a hefty pinch of cinnamon if you're a cinnamonster like me) until you end up with a smooth “batter”.
  • Grease a frying pan with some coconut oil or a non-stick spray and pour the mixture on – smaller pikelets are easier to flip! Keep the heat on low-medium (the sugar in the banana caramelises and therefore these babies burn easily). Just like pancakes, flip the banancakes when you see little bubbles on the surface.
  • Cook on the reverse side until they don’t feel squishy to touch – it’s about five minutes on each side. They’re fairly moist so they don’t need any accompaniments, but they are delicious with a drizzle of organic maple syrup. You could also make banancake sandwiches with some natural peanut or almond butter in between two cakes!

Note: If you find they taste a bit 'eggy', turn the heat down on the pan. Alternatively, use three or four egg whites instead of two whole eggs.